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*Only PINK & MUSHROOM kids masks are available.
    • Brand: YES
    • Description: Disposable Kids Face Mask
    • Specification: 10 pcs, sealed in plastic and box packing.
    • Size: 14.5cm * 9.5cm (suitable for kids aged 3-12)
    • Colours: White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Mushroom, Panda, Animals
    • Layer: 3 Ply
    • High Quality Non Woven Fabric and Melt Blown Fabric, safe, soft and comfortable.
    • High BFE >=95%, check video of Melt Blown Fabric Test and test results
    • For Hygiene Purpose, No Exchange, No Refund
    • Precautions:Masks can filter certain contaminants, but they do not eliminate the risk of illness or infection
    • Incorrect use of masks can cause illness or even death
    • This product is a single-use type and cannot be reused by washing
    • It is recommended to replace one in 4 - 6 hours from the aspect of function and hygiene



    • Bundle A (OUT OF STOCK): 40pcs Blue, 20pcs White, 10pcs Pink, 20pcs Animals, 10pcs Yellow, 20pcs Panda
    • Bundle B (OUT OF STOCK): 40pcs Blue, 20pcs White, 20pcs Animals, 20pcs Panda, 20pcs Yellow
    • Bundle C (OUT OF STOCK): 40pcs Blue, 20pcs White, 20pcs Pink, 20pcs Panda, 20pcs Animals
    • Bundle D: 50pcs Pink, 50pcs Mushroom, 0 pcs Yellow


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