Do you really need to buy ergonomic backpacks / schoolbags for your kid?

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Do you really need to buy ergonomic backpacks / schoolbags for your kid?

Well, here are some factors to consider before making the purchase. Parents should be aware of the design elements to look out for.

1. Cool ventilation 


Singapore has a constant hot and humid weather all-year summer, and our kids have to carry their schoolbags with them for the entire day. It is very normal that kids sweat a lot and the smell tend to go onto their bags. It is essential to choose a schoolbag with an integrated fan that allows your kid to feel cool and comfortable with active air flow.

2. The right posture


The growth of our children is very important especially when they are within the age of 4 to 12 years old in their growing spurt. Providing a schoolbag with 5-point support can help to protect the vertebra (in other terms as the spine) and avoid the obstruction to body growth through distributing the weight of the schoolbag to the shoulder straps, sternum strap and hip belt.

3. Weight and materials


Does your kids carry heavy schoolbags? A research study (by Singapore Health Promotion Board) shows that children should ideally carry a school bag that weighs no more than 10 to 15 per cent of their body weight. Always choose a lightweight and suitable size for your kids instead of something that is too big for them. MoonRock bags are made with light-weight Teflon, the surface of the bag deflects water, resists oil-based spills and are quick to dry.

4. Price point


We understand that not every parent can afford new bags for their children to change every year. So, why not choose a design that is durable and with quality assured.  

5. Safety


Above all the mentioned points, nothing beats to the safety of a child. MoonRock school bags are equipped with reflective material all around to ensure the user’s visibility in poor light environment.



MoonRock is the 1st Schoolbag brand to be endorsed by the American Chiropratic Association (ACA), and its comfort and spinal protection system is also a Reddot Award winner in 2019. MoonRock hope to inspire every little child a spirit to persevere pursuing their big dreams and infuse life with enthusiasm. Dream big, dream bigger!