5 easy ways to reduce Single Use Plastic consumption

5 easy ways to reduce Single Use Plastic consumption

According to eco-busness.com, our landfill will be completely full by 2035. That’s only 14 years away! 

Every year we discard about 900 million kg of plastic waste out of which only 4% is recycled. The plastic waste that we produce outlive us and will outlive our children. It’s time to we turn the tide.  
Here are some great and simple changes you can make to reduce single use plastic consumption.   

1) Carry reusable water bottle 


Did you know that a single plastic bottle takes 500 years to biodegrade? Switch your plastic bottle to a reusable one and you’ll be saving the environment as well as money. 


2) Use net tote to bag produce items 


Instead of using plastic bags to bag your fresh produce, why not try using a net tote? Ever Eco’s net tote are durable, light weight and chic. Made from premium organic cotton, these totes will expand and stretch to carry all your goodies. Who says you can’t look good while saving the planet?!

3) Say no to plastic cutlery


When ordering take out, say no to plastic cutleries or disposable straws. Plastic cutleries and straws are too contaminated to be recycled and they end up being dumped in our seas. Instead use or carry your own reusable cutleries or go straw-less! 

4) Use reusable shopping bags 

As Singapore prepares to pass legislation to charge supermarkets for plastic bags, now is the perfect time to start using reusable shopping bags. Don’t know where to buy them? Don’t worry we have the best and most beautiful  jute bags that are perfect for shopping. Get them here! 

5) Replace plastic wraps with beeswax wraps 


Umm...what are beeswax wraps? Instead of being made from plastic, these food wraps are made from a special blend of Australian local Organic beeswax, natural tree resin, virgin organic coconut oil, cold-pressed jojoba oil infused into 100% cotton cloth.  

You can reuse them for at least 1 year and they are 100% biodegradable and compostable! All you have to do is to just mould and shape the wrap around your item. That’s it! It is so easy to use and the perfect alternative to plastic or Saraan food wraps. 


We know that we cannot eliminate plastic usage completely from our lives but we can start with simple changes like these. It's time we rethink plastic and save our environment.